Raptor Network

Nintendo Switch™ Online Alternative

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What is Raptor?

Raptor Network is a work-in-progress online service which can be used in place of the official Nintendo servers. With Raptor, you can play online with your friends in your favorite games. Raptor is always adding new games and features to enrich the online experience.

How does Raptor work?

Raptor Network works by reimplementing the servers Nintendo uses to provide online services from the ground up. To use Raptor Network, you need a compatible Nintendo Switch™ emulator to connect using compatible games.

Get Connected

Raptor is still a work-in-progress, so features and game support are limited. However, development is continuing so check back often for updates. You can try out Raptor Network for yourself by downloading a client:

Supported Games

Raptor currently only supports a single game, but lots of games are in the pipeline.
  • Super Mario Maker™ 2
  • Upload, share, and play custom-made Mario courses with other players on Raptor. You can also make your very own Super World and play endless courses available on the network.
Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Maker are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. Ultramarine Holdings, LLC is not associated with Nintendo of America Inc.

Network Features

Raptor has plans for advanced, game-specific features in the future, along with general features to improve the experience.
  • Friends
  • Friend other people you encounter on the network to be able to share more experiences with them!
  • Notifications
  • Your client will automatically keep you updated with important events on the network and new friend requests.